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Gabstats Instagram statistics free for all

Are you a social marketing manager, an influencer, or just a curious instagram user?

Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions about your instagram account:

  • How have I engaged my followers during a specific time?

  • What are the best posts ranked by likes and comments?

  • Which is the most effective day/hour to publish?

  • Which is the most effective hashtag to use?

We needed these answers so we decided to create Gabstats, that's now available for everyone.

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Why don't you show followers/following statistics?

Because of performance issues we don't store account data for more than one day. Followers aren't tracked by Instagram and so we don't have any historical data to show you.

Why don't statistics get updated with new likes i received?

Once we calculate statistics for an account and a timeframe, we save them for one day in order to guarantee a better user experience and faster loading times.